Where in the world are GM crops and foods?

The reality of GM crops in the ground and on our plates

Report 1 | March 2015

In this first report of the GMO Inquiry 2015, we investigate what genetically modified (GM) crops are grown in Canada and around the world, where they are being grown, how much of each one is being grown, and where they end up in our food system.

“Where in the world are GM crops and foods?” is the first in a series of reports that investigate unanswered questions from 20 years of GMOs in Canada. Watch this space for future reports, and join us as we examine the impacts of GM crops on our environment, on our food and farming systems, and on our health.

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This is a sampling of questions that we answer in this report:


Where are GM crops grown in Canada: which provinces and regions?


How common are GMOs in Canadian food products?


How much corn in Canada is GM? I can only find American statistics!


How many different GMO vegetables and fruits are grown in Canada?


Can you tell me if there is any GMO wheat currently being grown?