Do we need
GM crops to
feed the world?

Report 6 | December 2015

This sixth and final report of the GMO Inquiry 2015 answers the question, “Do we need GM crops to feed the world?”

This report is an updated edition of a report originally published by CBAN in October 2014, called Will GM Crops Feed the World? Updates include information from the five other reports of the GMO Inquiry, published over the course of 2015, to continue a critical examination of the claim that we need genetically modified crops (and animals) to address global hunger and provide enough food for a growing population.

The research in this report begins to look ahead to understand what role – if any – GM crops and foods should play in the future of our food and farming systems.

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This is a sampling of questions that we answer in this report:


Do we need GM crops to produce enough food for the global population in the coming decades?


Do GM crops help poor farmers in the Global South?


Is GM “Golden Rice” a solution to malnutrition?